L2 Professional Salon Hair Care

Designed and Formulated For You. By Us.

After intensive salon testing by the team at L&L we are pleased to offer our customers a line of salon quality products.

  • No sulfates
  • No Parabans
  • No Phthalates- chemical component used as fragrance, linked to breast cancer
  • No Animal Ingredients
  • No Animal Testing
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Natural Ingredients- natural derived preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Free
  • Natural Oils used for fragrances
  • Essential oils
  • Soy protein

quench moisture shampoo
clean all hair types
plant based Phyto for shine
infused with moisture complex, protein to build cortical hair fiber

quench moisture conditioner
plant based Phyto for shine
Add heat for deeper penetration of product, may use as leave in to alleviate tug in the hair
Will penetrate protein molecules into cortex with heat, can use with plastic cap/hot towel

amp’d volume shampoo
Gentle cleanse plus conditioner without weight
Phyto for shine and body
Infused with volume complex, balances PH

amp’d  volume conditioner
volume complex, can add heat for more penetration
Phyto for shine
Detangling agent/ catatonic charge to attach protein to the hair

vivid  silver shampoo
Blocks and shields UVA/UVB rays
Natural color enhanced complex, better penetration on towel dried hair and can comb through

vivid silver conditioner
Will stay in hair more than one shampoo, Demi permanent
Pomegranate rid of mineral build up and chemical build up
Key antioxidants to help restore hair color

instaBOOST Instant Styler
Water based gel leaves hair full of body
Anti fade /humidity resistant, heat protection 420 degrees, protein will prevent yellowing from heat
Dry hair faster, 25-30% quicker dry time due to light weight micro mist

VA VA VOOM cream styling custard
Infused with organic tapioca
Great body bounce and shine
Air dry or diffuse hair
Nice hold factor

WORK-it finishing play
Infused with flexible polymers, leaves hair flexible, light hold
Humidity resistant, anti frizz, control flyaways
Resins have hold; will help mend split ends, seal cuticle

Kinky amplify
Define curl, can be used to smooth
Can be used wet or dry finishing, more shine and control, hold factor 8
Infused with mineral complex

flexy hair mousse
Minerals help to fortify hair, makes hair feel thicker, more body and bounce
Will dry hair 50% faster
Earth gas used to dispense doesn’t add to carbon footprint

3 Ways to Stay Adjustable Hair Spray
Natural antioxidants for sun protection
Light, medium, high adjustable hold in one can
Light hold can be used on wet hair, medium working spray, HIGH for finishing-wider more coverage

quicky Quick Drying Hair Spray
Natural antioxidant for sun protection
Humidity resistant, excellent shine, ultra fine brushable formula
No build up

Fresh Start purified styling water
Daily refreshed micronized grooming spray, restyler on dry hair
No propellent/ozone friendly, natural ingredients
Infused with hair color retention