4150 Circle Ave, Exeter, PA 19606

Call to Book: 610-406-9900 or (844) SALONLL ● (844) 725-6655

Fueled by the huge success of our Fleetwood Salon, we added yet another salon location in Berks County; our Exeter Beauty Salon. The location of our Exeter Salon, which opened in June 2012, is well-situated to many communities of the County that were not conveniently located to our Douglassville and Fleetwood Salons. This, our fifth salon, is a slightly scaled down version of the Fleetwood Salon and has catapulted to success in its first year. The Exeter Salon employs 20 Stylists, two Estheticians, two Massage Therapists,  two exclusive Nail Technicians, and two Nurses who provide dermal filler and Botox cosmetic services.