Source Radiance Masque

Size: 8.4 oz


• Natural & Vegan with 99% of naturally derived ingredients, our formula do not contain nanimal derived ingredient or by-product • Free from silicone for a natural hair feel.

Deep care for a deeply treated and vibrant fiber. In association with the Radiance Shampoo, this all-in-one care, helps to maintain the shine of the color-treated hair up to 28 shampoos.


• Ficus carita fruit/leaf extract – fig fruit: Conditioning ingredient sourced from fig pulp • Helianthus annuus seed oil/sunflower seed oil: nourishing oil sourced from sunflower seeds
• Glycine soja oil/soybean oil: nourishing oil sourced from soy seeds
• Water: Purified water
• Plant-derived ingredients sourced from plants such as coconut, grapes & rapeseed:
- Glycerin & Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine: conditioning ingredients
- Tartaric acid: stabilizing ingredient
- Cetearyl alcohol & Isopropyl myristate: softening ingredients

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