What Services Are Available At The Lords And Ladies Nail Salon In Exeter, PA?

There are nail salons, then there are quality nail salons in Exeter,PA. The Lords and Ladies nail salon is of the later type,offering the best in nail care and innovative service. Many salons offer tips and manicures, but Lords and Ladies Salons offer the fullest range of nail care in Berks County.

pedicure stations at Exeter Beauty SalonNail Services Available

In addition to the typical tips, refills, and repairs that you can get at any nail salon in Exeter, PA, Lords and Ladies Salons offer Gelish manicures. Gelish, a product by Nail Harmony, offers added strength and structure to your nails. With proper care, Gelish nails can last an average of three weeks without chipping, peeling, or smudging.

Paraffin treatments can moisturize, increase blood flow, and improve the skin tone of your hands. With regular treatment, your hands may defy the ravages of time. As an added bonus, the time involved in a paraffin treatment will allow you to slow down and de-stress for awhile.

One of the most relaxing services offered by Lords and Ladies, and an area where we excel, is a spa pedicure. Why is the service so special? The time spent exfoliating your skin, massaging your feet and calves, along with aroma therapy will help you slip out of your cares and into a more relaxed, invigorated you.

Other salons offer nail care, but the Lords and Ladies Salons in Exeter and Fleetwood are the top full service nail care salons in Berks County, PA. You can call 610-406-9900 to schedule an appointment in Exeter or 610-944-8820 for an appointment in Fleetwood.