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As an Esthetician who started in the skin care business in her 20’s and is now 53, I can say I have experienced the process of aging skin! In our 20’s we have healthy resilient skin, but we soon realize this does not last forever. In today’s world of skin care we are blessed to have a multitude of products and procedures to help correct and slow down the aging process. I’m going to give you a condensed outline of when some of these changes start, what you can expect, and some products that will help you slow down the aging process.


Adolescence (12-20’s)  Skin may become more porous and some will start to notice more oil production. Hormonal breakouts can start at this stage as well. This is when it’s most important to become consistent with washing your face morning and night with a skin appropriate cleanser.


Adulthood (25-30’s) This is where the start of skin aging begins. Skin may look less vibrant and firm. This is due to the fact that your collagen and elastin production is starting to slow down. Aging around the eyes, pigmentation and scarring will start to become more noticeable. So if you were someone who picked at your skin or are a sun-worshipper, this is when that injury and trauma to the skin is going to start to reveal itself. This is the age group where you want to add Vitamin C to your skincare regimen. My favorite is REVISION VITAMIN C LOTION. You’ll also want to add a retinol, one of my go to’s is REVISION RETINOL COMPLETE into your routine. As with all of your professional skincare, this should be done with the guidance of your licensed Esthetician.


Middle Age (35-60) This begins the next phase of decreased collagen and elastin. Pigmentation becomes darker and there is much more laxity to the skin. Aging around the eyes (crows feet and hallow look under eyes), you’ll also start to notice changes around mouth, forehead  and neck. Skin texture and tone can start to change (oily skin can become more dry) menopause can start in this stage as well which can cause some adult hormonal breakouts. Some of us can start to experience food sensitivities (dairy and gluten) this could bring up skin issues  as well.  To combat this you will want to start looking at a really good moisturizer with peptides and Hyloronic Acid. One of my favorites is SKINCEUTICALS HA INTENSIFIER or for more blemish prone skin a SKINCEUTICALS BLEMISH & AGE DEFENSE for spot treatment. The good thing is if we’ve been taking care of our skin through the years, much of this can be prevented and slowed down!


Mature (60+)  This is the stage of our skin that can become more challenging. The skin’s lack of  elasticity has become very noticeable. This is due to low collagen n elastin production and loss of fat. If pigmentations weren’t addressed early on, they will become much darker and deeper. Sun damage can cause the skin to look very aged at this point. This is the perfect age to start talking to your Esthetician about chemical peels (If you’re not already on a regime) to help brighten, tighten, produce more elastin, AND support firmness to the skin. Chemical peels are a great way to support and get the most out of your at home skincare regimen and other in salon treatments.

Now some GOOD news! It’s never too late in the game to have a healthy skincare routine. We are so lucky to have amazing skin care products and skin care treatments available to us! Most of these issues can be avoided and treated by dedicating time and investing in our “skin health”. The first step is to come in for a FREE skin consultation and skin scope analysis. This is where we are able to evaluate your skin, and  customize an at home skin care regimen and in salon treatments to meet your needs and fit within your budget. Our goal is to help you achieve YOUR skin care goals!

-Denise Eshenaur, Fleetwood L&L
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