A patented multi-step treatment great for most skin types that achieves more radiant skin after the first treatment. A unique technology of vortex infusion that provides deep cleansing, exfoliation, pain free superfacial extractions and hydration from hyaluronic acid and peptides that leaves skin glowing.

Platinum • From $280 • Approx - 60 min.

Your experience will start with a lymphatic treatment that diminishes puffiness of the face; followed by intense cleansing and hydration sure to give your skin a new lease on life. With a rejuvenating peel, a specialty booster, and LED light, this treatment is sure to reveal a younger, more radiant complexion, and youthful glow. Click here to book online.

Restorative • From $260 • Approx - 60 min.

All the amazing benefits of the Signature Hydrafacial are boosted with a specialty vial, formulated to address your specific concerns; followed by an LED light treatment to help reduce inflammation and promote collagen. This treatment helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. You will leave feeling refreshed and revived. Click here to book online.

Deluxe • From $325 • Approx - 60 min.

The Signature HydraFacial treatment for your face as well as your neck and décolleté. LED treatment included*. Click here to book online.

HydraPlane • From $225 • Approx - 60 min.

The HydraPlane is a three-step process that begins with an exfoliating dermaplane. Next, prepare for the secret weapon of the stars, the magical anti-oxidant packed HydraFacial! Ending with an exfoliating and plumping lip treatment. After this treatment your skin will be lustrous. Click here to book online.

Acne • From $225 • Approx - 45 min.

The Signature HydraFacial treatment with concentration on extractions and LED to help rid skin of bacteria causing acne. Click here to book online.

Signature • From $175 • Approx - 30 min.

This HydraFacial MD treatment utilizes super-serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, help address the signs of aging and protect skin from environmental aggressors, leaving it recharged, renewed and invigorated. Click here to book online.

Add hand or lip treatment • Hand treatment From $25 • Lip treatment From $25

Don’t neglect those hands! This will help give them a brighter and more youthful appearance.
Your lips will feel soft and plump after this quick addition to your treatment. Great for resolving chapped lips! Click here to book online.

*LED treatment helps further promote collagen synthesis making skin smoother and tighter

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