Getting Your Skin Prepped for the Warm Weather

As the seasons change so do your skincare needs. Getting your skin in great condition for the warmer weather may mean having some professional facial treatments done to correct any damage that may have been done as a result of the winter weather. Then it could also mean making a transition into other types of skincare products that are best suited for the current environment. The final skincare concern is prevention.

Winter Damage Treatment

If you have not had the opportunity to stay on top of your skincare regime during the winter months then chances are you skin is showing some signs of this. The cold temperatures and biting winds can play havoc on the skin. Then once coming in from the outside the skin is often immediately exposed to the warm dry air. All of this can cause the skin to become dry and lifeless looking. The best corrective measures to tackle these problems is to have your skin analyzed by one of the skincare professionals at Lords and Ladies who will recommend the best facials to take care of the problem.

Transitioning Products

It is not uncommon for many to use heavier type skincare products throughout the colder months. For example, it is common to use heavier moisturizers. The summer months may not require this so it may mean using some new products that are more appropriate. A good choice would be from the Skinceuticals skincare line which is readily available at Lords and Ladies.


Once any problems have been corrected and the proper at home skincare products have been chosen you will be well on your way to having beautiful looking skin to take you right through the season. The hot summer brings with it some of its own problems to the skin. If not protected properly the rays of the skin can damage it. Activities like swimming that can expose the skin to the chlorine in swimming pools can be another issue for the skin.

The best skincare regime for the summer months is to continue with regular facials as those suggested by Lords and Ladies. Then using the right products and following a good home skincare regime will be a great skincare routine to follow.

There are a lot of factors that can affect the skin. There are also tons of products on the market when it comes to skincare to the point where it becomes confusing. By having a reliable skincare consultant to take care of your skincare needs you are also going to get the additional advice you need that is appropriate for you. What may work well on one person’s skin may not be as good for someone else. Personalized skincare is really important if you are intent on having your skin look its best no matter what the season may be.

Lords and Ladies offers many different types of facials and not only do they provide excellent results when it comes to the skin, you are going to experience some high end pampering that is going to make you feel fantastic.

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