Highlights… Babylights… Balayage… How blonde do you want to be?

Most of us can envision the look that we want, but getting there can be tricky. With so many new styling techniques and a variety of trendy looks that we’re seeing across the beauty industry it can get confusing as to what service will achieve your long and short term hair goals.

The first step is to consult a professional. They will be able to assess your hair and recommend a personal treatment plan to help you achieve the look you’re going for. In addition, a professional will be able to prescribe the appropriate in salon and at home treatments and products to maintain the health and integrity of your locks before, during, and after your transformation. There are times where a treatment before a lightning service would be most beneficial, a Malibu C makeover treatment is meant to cleanse the hair while getting rid of any build up giving your stylist a clean slate to work with. Without a cleansing treatment, you’ll have to budge through years of hard water build up, chlorine, natural pollutants, and minerals which can have a negative impact on the results of color treated hair.

Why are treatments so important? A treatment like Smartbond by L’Oreal is a bond builder. This helps strengthen and protect the hair during chemical treatments. Smartbond is a three part system that targets all the stages of the chemical process. This treatment can be paired with the L’Oreal Powermix treatment.

The Powermix technology from L’Oreal is Micellar based. This increases shine, helps remove impurities, and moisturizes without weighing the hair down. It will also increase the longevity of your color and leave you with softer, more manageable hair. Power Mixers have five treatment options that are cocktailed, creating a customized experience and giving your hair what it really needs. Your stylist can recommend the appropriate combination based on your current and future hair goals.

So what is the difference between Balayage, Highlights, and Babylights? All three techniques create a blonde look but the end results different for each.

Balayage- A custom hand painted highlight technique, the stylist is going to choose where she wants the pieces to be put to achieve your end goal. Because this is a custom option your stylist has complete control over the end result, offering a broad range of looks like face framing and natural sun kissed locks. Balayage itself boasts longer time between visits because the lightener does not go all the way to the top of the scalp giving a softer, more subtle grow out. This technique is also great for the Ombre style and the subtle sun kissed highlight look. Your stylist will use a brush, paddle, and Saran Wrap with cotton to separate the pieces. This differs from the traditional foil technique that is a woven pattern set into a foil to separate the sections.

Highlights- This is a foil technique where your stylist is creating a weaved foil pattern in the hair with a piece of foil. This is a universal weave pattern, your stylist will still custom place and choose how to section the hair based on your desired outcome. But the pattern chosen will be carried through the entire head. The reason for choosing this technique is for the client who wants a more all over, solid blonde, or is looking to work toward an all over platinum blonde. This technique includes more blonde at the root which will requires more frequent visits to the salon to maintain the look.

Babylights- Foils are always applied in a pattern, however that pattern can be customized to achieve different looks. A baby light is a much tighter foil and results in a softer grow out then a traditional highlight but it’s not as natural as Balayage. Babylights are a mix between highlights and Balayage with a soft, sun kissed look.

All the above techniques can be used to achieve a blonde look. The aftercare and treatment advice is what will keep your hair healthy and looking great until your next appointment. Treatments like Malibu C in between lightening or color appointments may even save you money and time in achieving your ultimate blonde goals.

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