Lords & Ladies Health & Safety Standards

When you return to the salon, there will be some new protocols and standards in place to ensure the safety, comfort, and health of all. Although things may look a little bit different, we hope you’ll find your long-awaited visit to be as warm, welcoming, and luxurious as you’ve grown to know, love, and expect from Lords & Ladies.

At this time, we are proceeding with hair and nail services, as always. MedSpa services are being offered on a limited basis. Please contact us to be added to the wait list for waxing and massage services.


  • If you’re not feeling well or have experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 we kindly ask you to reschedule your visit.
  • Please arrive as close to the time of your appointment as possible. When you pull up, you’ll notice “text check-in” signs throughout the parking lot. Please send a text to the number posted. We’ll happily confirm receipt, check you in, and text you again when it’s time to come in.
    • Please Include:
      • YOUR NAME
    • We ask that you stay in your car or enjoy the fresh air outside until you receive the text to enter.
    • If you cannot text upon arrival, no problem! Simply enter the salon and check-in as you normally would. We may ask you to return to your car until your appointment, but we’ll be happy to come and get you when it’s time to come in.
  • When you arrive at the salon, you’ll be greeted by our Check-In Attendant who will conduct a simple Covid-19 Screening to confirm you’re well. The screening is just three simple questions and you’re welcome to fill out the form or complete it verbally.
    • All we’ll ask is:
      • Are you currently experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19? Symptoms include:Fever (temp of 100.4+), shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste or smell, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat.
      • Have you experienced symptoms of Covid-19 in the past 14 days?
      • Have you been exposed to anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 in the past 14 days?
  • We will then provide you with hand sanitizer, and if necessary, a mask.
  • Face Coverings
  • For the time being, please do not bring guests along for your appointment. (this includes adults and children).
    • Of course, children with appointments are welcome and may be accompanied by an adult.
  • At this time, waiting areas are closed.
  • For a short time, we will be suspending all beverages and snacks.
  • All books and magazines have temporarily been removed. Feel free to bring a book to your appointment.
  • Outside of your service provider performing your service, we’re observing social distancing whenever possible.
  • “Try-me” areas and testers have been removed for the time being. Please kindly ask your service provider or any associate for assistance with your product purchases.


  • Our Sanitation Attendant will be completing a thorough cleaning checklist, sanitizing all high-touch and high-traffic areas of the salon all throughout the day.
  • Before and after every client, your Service Provider will be cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing all station surfaces, tools, and other implements required to perform your service.
  • Shampoo bowls will be cleaned after every use.
  • As always, smocks, capes, and towels will be used only once and laundered after every customer or use.
  • All Service Providers will be wearing masks. You’ll notice them put on an additional face shield during your shampoo service.
  • Hand washing is the gold standard, but in addition, you’ll notice hand sanitizer throughout the salon and on every station.
  • All Service Providers and your Front Desk Team have completed additional sanitation classes focused on Covid-19 preparedness.
  • For your comfort and to provide further assurance, we’ve placed plexiglass space dividers, where necessary, between stations.
  • Plexiglass partitions will be in place in the nail department.
  • As always, our salons will continue to be professionally cleaned during off hours.

Our main priority is creating a safe and welcoming experience for all and getting back to doing what we know and love… helping to make you look and feel your best, from the outside in. We welcome you back to the salon and thank you for your continued support, patience, and excitement! We’ve truly missed each and every one of you!

Our protocols have been designed in accordance with the PENNSYLVANIA GUIDANCE FOR COSMETOLOGY SALONS and by implementing best practices from salons who have successfully reopened all over the country. We hope you’ll see that we’re doing our part to help keep you safe at the salon! If you have any questions or feedback about your service, please email

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