How About Some Pampering for Dad to Celebrate Father’s Day?

While most of appreciate our Fathers every day of the year, Father’s Day is the one day where we really can express this. There are many ways to do this such as buying gifts or taking Dad out for his favorite meal. These are pretty well traditional, so why not make this Father’s Day a little more unique and extra special.

A great way to do this is to put Dad in a position where he is going to be pampered. A lot of men have learned to enjoy what some of the high caliber beauty salons like Lords and Ladies have to offer that cater to their male clientele.

Men’s Hair Styling

If your Dad is like many others he just pops into the closest establishment to get a quick haircut. Giving him a chance to maybe experiment with a hair style that has a lot more creativity behind it may make him feel really good about himself. It is probably something he would never venture out to do on his own, but once he has the chance to enjoy this experiment he will surely enjoy it and be totally pleased with your thoughtfulness.

A Pedicure

Depending on the preferences of your Father you may not find that a manicure appeals to him, but you can almost be sure that a pedicure will make him feel like a king for a day. This is a salon treatment that either gender enjoys because of its wonderful benefits both mentally and physically.

How About a Massage?

If you just aren’t sure about the above suggestions then you definitely cannot go wrong with a gift certificate for a massage. Dad will feel like he has entered into a whole new world once he has had this experience. It will do him good to just relax and allow someone to pamper him for a change.

With so many choices available to you at Lords and Ladies you just may not be sure as to which one to pick for Father’s Day. In that case an easy solution is to give him a gift certificate for the Salon. This way there is no second guessing as to what he will enjoy the most. Also, once he attends this Salon and sees that it’s as popular with the men as it is with the Ladies he is going to feel very comfortable and appreciative of your gift.

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