Waxing is the removal of unwanted hair for a period of time. Hair is removed from the root allowing for a smooth surface for up to 2 weeks and longer depending on the individual. Once you begin waxing on a regular basis, the hair that does grow back tends to be softer and not stubbly like when you shave.

Waxing by area

Brow – from $21
Brow Wax w/Tint – from $42
Lash & Brow Tint – from $50
Lip – from $12
Chin – from $17
Arm – half from $33 | full from $55
Leg – half from $45 | full from $70
Back or Chest – from $65


Basic Bikini – from $38
The removal of hair just inside the bikini line.

French Bikini – from $50
The removal of hair well inside the bikini line leaving a strip up the middle and nothing off the back.

Brazilian Bikini – from $65
The removal of all hair from front to back. Some people chose to leave a small section of hair at the top.

Waxing Tips

Brow tinting – this will give that wow factor by enhancing your brows and helping to make your eyes stand out.

Lash tinting – is perfect to give your lashes a deeper color for natural enhancement without the look of mascara.

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