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You can buy L’Oreal Professionel hair products online at Lords & Ladies Salon and Medical Spa. Our experts can help you navigate through the wide array of products available to ensure you purchase a product that is best for your hair type and style.

Lords & Ladies Salon and Medical Spa is a family-owned business founded in 1984. Since our inception, we have grown to incorporate seven locations and more than 200 beauty professionals. Our professionals are well-trained and educated and can readily provide you with beauty advice about care and products.

One of the L’Oreal Professionel products you will find in our online shop is the Vitamino Masque. If you have been wondering what a hair masque can do for your hair, our experts would like to provide a little tutorial.

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Secrets to Hair Masque Usage

It is no secret that your hair endures a number of natural and man-made abuses. These elements have a tendency to leave your hair brittle, dry, and seemingly lifeless. If you have been looking to return bounce and health to your hair, a hair masque might very well be your best option.

Making the most of restorative treatments can be a little challenging, so here are our secrets for hair masque usage:

  • Pick the right masque based on your hair type. All hair can use additional moisturizing, but some masques are specifically formulated to meet the needs of those with: oily, curly, frizzy, fine, or colored hair. It’s important that you read the labels and seek advice from a Lords & Ladies haircare expert.
  • It won’t take a lot to make a noticeable difference. When you choose the right product for your hair type, be sure to follow the specific instructions. More product will not equate to more benefits. In fact, too much product can make your hair greasy.
  • Apply your masque weekly. Even if you are not currently noticing the effects of the elements and other products on your hair, it is advisable to treat your hair weekly because there are a number of other things that can affect its health including: diet, stress, medications, and hormones, to name a few.
  • Dry hair is best served by an oil-based masque. Recall that water repels oil. So, if you want the oil to soak in like it’s supposed to, you need to apply it to dry hair. However, if you opt for a water-based product, you should use it when your hair is wet. Make sure you have washed your hair with a gentle shampoo prior to utilizing either kind of masque.
  • Keep your focus on the ends of your hair. You will notice that the ends of your hair sustain the most damage. It is this area that becomes the most brittle and dry. And, you can minimize, though probably not eliminate, split ends by using a wide toothed comb on your wet hair, getting regular trims, and adding a masque to your weekly routine.
  • Leave it in overnight. If you really want to see the benefits from the masque you have chosen, we suggest that you leave it in overnight. You can wrap your hair in a shower cap or plastic wrap to prevent messing up your pillows. Rinse the masque out in the morning and then wash and condition just like you would normally.

Now that you understand the benefits of hair masques, you can buy L’Oreal Professionel hair products online at the Lords & Ladies Salon and Medical Spa shop. If you have additional questions, feel free to stop by one of our seven locations or give one of our experts a call at 844-725-6655. 


7 Locations Throughout Berks County & Montgomery County, PA

Douglassville Salon

15 Old Swede Road
Douglassville, PA 19518

With the success of the Pottstown Salon in Montgomery County, a decision was made to open a salon in Berks County. Thus, in April 1988, our Douglassville Salon opened its doors…Learn More

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Exeter Salon

4150 Circle Ave
Exeter, PA 19606

Fueled by the huge success of our Fleetwood Salon, we added yet another salon location in Berks County; our Exeter Beauty Salon. The location of our Exeter Salon, which opened in June 2012…Learn more

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Fleetwood Salon

12 Ingot Drive
Blandon, PA 19510

Wanting to expand our scope in Berks County, a property was purchased for our Fleetwood Salon, which opened it’s doors in June 2007. This, our fourth salon, was the first one to be built from the ground up….Learn more

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Gilbertsville Salon

1804 Swamp Pike
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Our Gilbertsville Beauty Salon, which opened its doors in December 2003, was formerly a farm house that was built in the year1800. What is now the reception area was actually the front porch…Learn more

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Perkiomenville Salon

646 Fagleysville Road
Perkiomenville, PA 18074

The Perkiomenville Salon is our newest salon having opened its door in December 2012. The location of this salon was strategically chosen to provide another venue close to our…Learn more

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Pottstown Salon

64 King Street
Pottstown, PA 19464

What is today our Pottstown Salon was formerly an historic Victorian home that was built in 1884 and owned by the family who were the proprietors of the original Pottstown Foundry and Supply…Learn more

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Sinking Spring Salon

4912 Penn Avenue
Sinking Spring, PA 19608

Our Sinking Spring salon location is our seventh and newest location. We completely renovated a historic building in Sinking Spring…Learn more

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