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Want to buy Mirabella beauty products in Reading, PA? Lords & Ladies Salon and Medical Spa can help you with that endeavor. We have been working with men, women, and children to help them feel and look their best for over three decades.

Our more than 200 beauty professionals, housed within seven locations throughout Berks and Montgomery Counties, are highly trained and experienced. They can answer the tough questions about procedures and products. And, they will provide you with exceptional customer service in our family-owned salons.

One question we frequently hear, is “How do I use lip liner/definer?” So, allow our experts to assist you with this whether you opt for a Mirabella beauty product, or something from one of our other well-known brands like: Revision, Luxe, and L’Oreal.

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Tips for Lip Liner Application

The truth is, many of us have lip liners or definers in our makeup bags and yet we haven’t fully committed to their usage. They take up space amongst our trove of makeup products, but we simply aren’t sure how best to use them. So, let the beauty experts at Lords & Ladies give you some tips for lip liner application:

  1. Keep it at a 45-degree angle. Hold your lip liner at that angle and apply with light, short strokes. Harsh lines look awful when your gloss or lipstick wears off. Plus, if you are having to apply with a heavy hand just to get some color on your lips it is time for a new stick.
  2. See all the angles. By moving your chin up and down you will be able to see your lips from a variety of angles so that you can ensure your lines are even. Putting chin to neck will help you see the top line and lifting the chin so you can see your neck will reveal the bottom line.
  3. Plump pouts require contrast. Use a mildly darker liner in the middle of your bottom lip then blend with a lighter shade. However, nude colors can also give you that plump lip look. Just draw the line softly on your lips’ borders.
  4. Make it last. Apply your lipstick first so you see where to add the liner. This way the liner and lipstick will fade at the same time leaving no ring at the edges. Or, if you really don’t like the idea of lip liner, you can use a clear matte liner to help keep your lipstick in place without altering its colors.
  5. Go drastic. If you really want intense color, start with the liner first. Draw your desired shape and then fill in your lips with the liner, creating an all over color. You can layer lipstick on this or add gloss.
  6. Take care of the pencil. Don’t sharpen too much, as intense points will create severe lines. You can even flatten the tip so that it looks more like a carpenter’s pencil which will allow you to stick close to the corners of your mouth with precision.

Makeup can be challenging, but you can buy Mirabella beauty products in Reading, PA from Lords & Ladies Salon and Medical Spa, or shop online. And, whenever you have questions or need advice you can call our beauty specialists at (844) 725-6655.


7 Locations Throughout Berks County & Montgomery County, PA

Douglassville Salon

15 Old Swede Road
Douglassville, PA 19518

With the success of the Pottstown Salon in Montgomery County, a decision was made to open a salon in Berks County. Thus, in April 1988, our Douglassville Salon opened its doors…Learn More

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Exeter Salon

4150 Circle Ave
Exeter, PA 19606

Fueled by the huge success of our Fleetwood Salon, we added yet another salon location in Berks County; our Exeter Beauty Salon. The location of our Exeter Salon, which opened in June 2012…Learn more

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Fleetwood Salon

12 Ingot Drive
Blandon, PA 19510

Wanting to expand our scope in Berks County, a property was purchased for our Fleetwood Salon, which opened it’s doors in June 2007. This, our fourth salon, was the first one to be built from the ground up….Learn more

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Gilbertsville Salon

1804 Swamp Pike
Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Our Gilbertsville Beauty Salon, which opened its doors in December 2003, was formerly a farm house that was built in the year1800. What is now the reception area was actually the front porch…Learn more

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Perkiomenville Salon

646 Fagleysville Road
Perkiomenville, PA 18074

The Perkiomenville Salon is our newest salon having opened its door in December 2012. The location of this salon was strategically chosen to provide another venue close to our…Learn more

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Pottstown Salon

64 King Street
Pottstown, PA 19464

What is today our Pottstown Salon was formerly an historic Victorian home that was built in 1884 and owned by the family who were the proprietors of the original Pottstown Foundry and Supply…Learn more

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Sinking Spring Salon

4912 Penn Avenue
Sinking Spring, PA 19608

Our Sinking Spring salon location is our seventh and newest location. We completely renovated a historic building in Sinking Spring…Learn more

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